Prairie & Montane Enterprises consults with:
Resource Assessment & Management Advisories
  • Conservation Organizations (NGOs)
  • Prospective Ranch Buyers
  • Ranch Owners
  • State and Federal Agencies
  • State Historical Societies

Wetland Delineation
  • Civil Engineering Firms
  • Road Departments

Assessment and Mitigation of Rangeland Damages*
  • Insurance Companies
  • Railroad Companies
*Dr. Reece has expert witness experience in Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado

Prairie & Montane Enterprises (PME) provides the following consulting services:
  • Ecological assessments of natural ecosystems.
  • Customized grazing plans and management advisories for prioritized objectives.
  • Wetland delineation.
  • Assessment and mitigation of wildfire damages on rangelands.

We work in Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, and South Dakota.  Dr. Patrick E. Reece is the owner and senior consultant at PME.  He is a Professor Emeritus of the University of Nebraska.  Some of his professional accomplishments include:
  • More than 30 years of regional experience working with landowners, rangeland resources, and climatic extremes.
  • Numerous innovative management concepts that continue to enhance the stewardship of private and public rangelands and improve the economic efficiency of ranch enterprises.
  • A keynote speaker at range livestock production programs throughout the Great Plains from Texas to the Canadian provinces.
  • More than 50 peer-reviewed scientific and educational publications.
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